After things blew up at KSLQ, Joe Mason spun records at local bars, even though he was underage at 17. He was employed at "Your Place" in Westport Plaza, where he worked almost full-time, drinking, spinning records and having a generally awesome time for any 17-year old. That was, until a busboy stole some money and the disco management ran police checks on everyone including 17-year old Joe. Then, he didn't drink any more. (at least not at work) But even that job fizzled out, and soon Mason was faced with the prospect of a job at the box factory of the husband of a friend of Mason's mother. Joe was slated to begin work at the box factory on Monday morning. On the Sunday night before he was to start at the un-airconditioned plant, Bo Jagger, his old pal from KSLQ and now the Program Director of KCFM, offered Mason his first real on-air gig with the words, "Wait a minute. Didn't they fire you at KSLQ because you were trying to get ahead?" (It was true - Mason was fired for "being at work when you weren't authorized," when he was dubbing commercials for one of the disc jockeys - for free, so he could learn.) "You start this weekend."


The years 1976 through 1977 were Joe Mason's first exposure to commercial radio . . . and what an exposure they were! While still in high school, Joe landed a paying job at then top-40 monster KSLQ ("Super-Q!"), although not on-air.